Fuel real-time exploration, discovery and learning

  • Empower students to tap into your living and learning environments with anywhere, anytime access via their mobile phone.
  • Instantly update students on campus events, services and deadlines in a way that grabs attention.

Foster Deeper Student Engagement

Deliver here-and-now learning opportunities in real-time with CQ. Simplify access to peers, events, advisors, and groups to create life-changing educational experiences.

Students' Anytime, All-Access Pass to:

Explore what's happening on campus from events to club activities to food vendors and student services.
Create promotional flyers, photo posts, microblogs, event invites, announcements and reminders.
Track events, club messages, news, campus services, and deadlines.
Broadcast CampusQuad posts easily to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and others.

Improve Program Effectiveness

Remove the guesswork on event attendance, student opinion and utilization of campus resources - with one app.

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